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How to grow your own green beans or green beans?

By growing green beans from seed, the choice from the different green bean varieties is much greater. Growing green bean seeds yourself is not difficult and a lot of fun. If green bean plants have a good location, you can enjoy delicious fresh, unsprayed green beans several times in the summer.

Popular green beans / green beans varieties

Green beans come in many varieties, sizes, colours, with/without wire and resistance. The most popular green bean varieties are:

  • Cobra double pole green bean – vigorous gardener's variety very high production
  • Isabel pole green bean – delicious cordless green bean
  • Westland double pole green bean – green green bean without string
  • Double White main bean - green green bean without string
  • Amethyst main green bean – purple green bean


Regular picking of green beans encourages the growth of new pods, giving you multiple harvests.

What is the difference between pole green bean and stock green bean?

Pole green beans can climb more than 2 meters high and therefore need support. Support the green beans, for example, with a construction of bamboo sticks or with rope.

Standard green beans are low plants averaging 40-60cm high and are self-supporting. Standard green beans therefore need little to no support.

Growing pole green beans or stock green beans?

The advantage of stem green beans is that you do not have to make a bamboo or rope construction for this. Due to the low height, these standard beans do not take away the view. Standard green beans can often be harvested earlier in the year.

Green beans generally give a higher yield because the plant grows vertically. Because the beans do not hang low to the ground, they are also less bothered by vermin and splashing water.

How do I make a construction for pole beans?

French beans need support to swing/climb around. For example, you can make a round or elongated wigwam from bamboo sticks using a bean ring or metal wire/rope. Another option is to grow the pole beans on a rope or along a jute climbing net. Green beans easily swing their way up.

How to grow green beans or green beans?

Green beans do not tolerate cold and/or night frost very well. Therefore do not start sowing until mid-May, the chance of night frost is very small. Soak the green beans overnight in lukewarm water for faster germination and to prevent the beans from rotting in the soil.

Sow green bean seeds in rows 10–15 cm apart and 50 cm apart. For green beans, sow 3-5 seeds per bamboo stick or twine.

What is the best place for green beans?

Choose a sunny, warm and sheltered spot for all green bean varieties. Green beans do not like soil that remains moist for a long time.

How and when to harvest green beans?

Most green beans can be harvested from July to October.

Picking the green beans regularly encourages the growth of new pods, giving you multiple harvests.

Harvesting can be done by breaking off the green beans from the plant or by cutting them away with harvesting scissors. Store the green beans in the refrigerator for up to a week. Some green beans are also very suitable for freezing after blanching.