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Looking for bell pepper seeds to sow in your greenhouse or conservatory? You have come to the right place at Tuinzaden.eu. We have a wide range of bell pepper seeds from different seed breeders.

Grow your own peppers?

Fresh peppers at hand is always handy and also saves costs. Home-grown bell pepper plants are also much stronger than the plants at the garden centers. By growing peppers from seed, the choice from the different bell pepper varieties is also unprecedented.

Growing bell pepper seeds yourself is not difficult and of course just fun, guaranteed results! If you sow the bell pepper seeds in the right way and give the bell pepper plant a good location, you can enjoy fresh bell peppers after 3-4 months. Peppers are often used by filling them with a minced meat mixture, but also think of Mexican dishes, grilled on the barbecue or shashlik and of course for stir-frying. The smaller snack peppers can be eaten as a tasty healthy snack.

Different types of pepper

There are roughly 3 different types of bell pepper:

  • Block of peppers
  • Pointed peppers
  • Mini or snack peppers

The most popular bell pepper is the Yolo Wonder. This is a compact growing sweet pepper variety that is very suitable as a pot plant.


Make sure the temperature stays above 18 degrees. At lower temperatures, the growth of pepper plants comes to a standstill. It is therefore preferable to grow indoors, in a greenhouse or in a sunny sheltered place. If you nevertheless want to grow peppers outside in the vegetable garden, do not place the plants outside in a sunny and sheltered place until the summer.

Sowing instructions and cultivation method for bell pepper seeds

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions with answers about sowing and growing bell pepper seeds yourself. Before sowing your seeds, always read the enclosed sowing instructions on the packaging for your specific sweet pepper variety.

How can I sow bell pepper seeds?

It is best to pre-sow bell pepper seeds indoors in a propagator from February. Soak the bell pepper seeds in warm water for about 12 hours before sowing. Do not sow the seeds too close together and cover them lightly with a little sowing soil. Make the soil sufficiently moist with a plant sprayer. Use a growing container with a lid to prevent the soil from drying out. It is best to even use a heated cultivation tray, because pepper seeds only germinate at a temperature of 22-25 ° C. Place the propagator in a warm, light location and keep the soil slightly moist.

After about 1-3 weeks, the pepper seeds will sprout. As soon as the first bell pepper leaves appear, you can remove the lid. When the seedlings have about 2 real bell pepper leaves (not the germ leaves) you can transplant the seedlings into separate pots. Pepper plants like a warm, sunny and sheltered place, preferably in a greenhouse, conservatory or indoors.

Maintain a mutual planting distance of approximately 30-45 cm. As soon as the peppers start to develop, the plants need extra support with a bamboo stick. After about 3-4 months you can harvest the first peppers by simply turning or cutting them off.

When to sow bell pepper seeds?

Sow peppers indoors

Pepper seeds can be sown indoors in a propagator from February to April. Preferably use a heated growing tray with a lid so that the temperature remains well above 18 ° C and the soil remains sufficiently moist. For germination, the soil temperature should be around 22-25 ° C.

Sow peppers outdoors

If you want to transplant the pepper plants outside, do not start pre-sowing until April. Use a culture tray with a lid for an even temperature and so that the humidity is maintained. The danger of night frost has passed by mid-May and you can plant the sweet pepper plants in pots or in the garden.

Do I need to pre-soak pepper seeds?

It is best to soak pepper seeds in warm water for 12 hours before sowing. This will make the seeds softer and germinate faster.

When do pepper seeds germinate?

Pepper seeds germinate after about 1-2 weeks, depending on the temperature.

What is the best germination temperature for bell pepper seeds?

Pepper seeds germinate at a soil temperature of 22-25 ° C.

How deep should I sow pepper seeds?

Sow the bell pepper seeds on the potting soil and press it gently against the soil. Cover the seeds thinly with sowing soil, no more than half a centimeter.

When can I transplant the pepper seedlings?

After about 3-4 weeks, when the seedlings have about 2 real bell pepper leaves (not the germ leaves) you can transplant the seedlings into separate pots.

What is the planting distance for sweet pepper plants?

Maintain a mutual planting distance of approximately 30-45 cm. Support the pepper plants with bamboo sticks as soon as the peppers start to develop.

What is the best location for pepper plants?

Bell pepper plants like a warm, sunny and sheltered place. Preferably in a greenhouse, conservatory or warm place indoors. You can also grow the pepper plants outside after Ice Saints, but the peppers will be slightly smaller and the total harvest will be slightly less.

When do the peppers change color to their final color? When can I harvest the peppers?

About 3-4 months after sowing, the first peppers will ripen and discolor to their final color. All pepper varieties first turn green before they get their yellow, orange, red or purple color. During this ripening process, the peppers also get their taste, so do not pick the peppers too early and wait until the peppers are almost completely discolored.

How do I take care of sweet pepper plants?

Place sweet pepper plants in a sunny but sheltered spot. Do not let the soil dry out.

What is the best soil and / or soil type for pepper plants?

Use normal, normal, well-draining potting soil, possibly mixed with 1/4 part sharp sand.

What kind of pots do I use for pepper plants?

Use large pots of about 15 liters.