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Garlic plant

If you want to grow your own garlic, use plant garlic. Each garlic bulb contains an average of 5-10 garlic cloves, which each grow into a full-fledged garlic bulb. Garlic is also widely used in combination cultivation and at the same time repels lice.

How do you plant garlic bulbs? How do you grow garlic?

Break open the bulb of plant garlic and plant the loose garlic cloves in the ground. Plant the garlic cloves about 2.5 to 5 cm deep, in rows with a planting distance of 10 cm and 20 cm between the rows. Choose a sunny and not too wet location for the garlic.

Harvesting and storing garlic

In August to September, pull the garlic whole with the leaves out of the ground. Rinse the garlic and let it dry for about 4 weeks. Tie and / or twist the garlic leaves together and dry the garlic hanging in the sun. After 4 weeks, the leaves and roots can be removed and the garlic can be stored in a cool and dark place.