Golden Gourmet yellow challot sets 250g
  • Golden Gourmet yellow challot sets 250g
  • Golden Gourmet yellow challot sets 250g

Golden Gourmet yellow challot sets 250g

Sturon is a late yellow onion set. Sturon onion sets produce uniform, beautiful, round strong onions with a yellow bronze-like and very strong skin. Sturon is one of the most widely grown onion varieties by the professional grower.

  • most grown professional onion variety
  • high yielding variety
  • very good skin fastness
  • don't rush on
  • suitable for long-term storage

Sturon is suitable for any soil type.

Planting time: March-April 
Harvesting: mid-July-August

Keep onion sets in a dry, cool and dark place.

Content ±250 grams = approx. 50-70 onion sets

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Shallots set Golden Gourmet 250 grams

Golden Gourmet is a mid-early yellow shallot variety, it is one of the most famous and cultivated shallots with a yellow skin color. Golden Gourmet produces round shallots with a strong, golden yellow colored skin.

A shallot is a small onion variety. In contrast to an onion set, each shallot plant does not grow into one large crop, but into a group with several shoots with shallots. Shallots have a spicy and spicy taste.

  • spicy spicy taste
  • good shelf life
  • high yield
  • widely grown shallot variety

Golden Gourmet shallot sets are suitable for any soil type.

Planting time: February-April
Harvesting: mid-July-August

Store shallots in a dry, cool and dark place.

Content ±250 grams = approx. 8-12 shallot sets

When to plant shallot sets?

Plant late yellow shallot plants directly in the garden from February to April. Choose a sunny and warm location where the soil does not get too wet.

How do you plant shallot sets?

Plant the shallots approximately 2.5 to 5 cm deep in rows with a mutual planting distance of 10 cm and 25 cm between the rows. Make sure that the shallot plants receive sufficient water for the first few weeks so that the shallot plants can root well.

Shallot sets fertilize?

Fertilize shallot plants only with potassium-rich and low-nitrogen fertilizer. This ensures a better resistance and durability of the shallot sets.

Do not use nitrogen-rich manure such as compost, farmyard manure or cow manure pellets, this will do more harm than good. A lot of nitrogen provides a lot of leaves, which is a shame. If necessary, place insect mesh over the shallots so that the birds cannot reach them.

When to harvest shallot sets?

The shallots can be harvested from July to August. After harvesting, you need to let shallots dry well, this will take about 4 weeks. Tie and / or twist the shallot leaves together and dry the shallots hanging. After 4 weeks, the tops and roots can be removed and the shallots can be stored in a cool and dark place.


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Other features

Botanic name
Allium ascalonicum - Allium cepa var. ascalonicum
Golden Gourmet
Growing period
Spring cultivation
Cultivation method
Planting sets
Type onion
Content / filling weight
about 250 grams
Skin color
Planting time
February - April
Flowering period
July - August
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