Sorrel red-veined - Microgreens

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The Mustard Red Frills can be grown both as a micro and baby leaf, a somewhat spicy leaf.

As a microleaf, the seedlings can be harvested after about 1 week. As a baby leaf you can harvest the leaves after about 4 weeks, delicious for your salad.

  • Stem and leaf edible
  • Harvestable after 1-4 weeks
  • Fresh leaves are suitable for salads
  • Suitable for growing in a pot

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Product description

Because of the light green leaf with blood-red veines, blood sorrel is perhaps one of the most striking micro leaves. The slightly sour taste can be combined well with egg, cheese and fish dishes.

  • Edible leaves
  • Harvestable after 3 weeks
  • Prepare like spinach
  • Purifyies blood and helps against stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Also beautiful as a decorative plant


Microgreens or micro vegetables are a collective name for vegetables and herbs, which you harvest and eat at a very young stage. You often recognize them by their spicy taste which is delicious as an enhancer in a salad or soup.

Microgreens are divided into two groups:

  • Micro leaves: You harvest and eat both the stalk and the leaf at a very young stage.
    Examples: Lemon basil, Borage, Mustard Red Frills, Bloody acid, Kale, Radish, Cress, Tatsoi, Mizuna Red
  • Baby leaves: The baby leaves grow a little longer and you only eat the leaves.
    Examples: Mustard Red Frills, Kale, Lettuce mixed, Chard mixed, Tatsoi, Mizuna red, Peashoots

Some microgreens can be grown both as a micro and as a baby leaf.

Sowing microgreens

Microgreens have no sowing season, you can grow them throughout the year.

Sow micro leaves and baby leaves preferably in soil. Sow the seeds in the garden or in a pot. Cover them with a thin layer of soil and water. Sow closely together since microgreens remain small. You can already harvest after 1 to 3 weeks!

Product details



English names
sprouts, sprouting seeds, cress, microgreens
Botanic name
Rumex sanguineus
Planting time
January - December
Flowering period
January - December
0,50 grams
Seeds per gram
Sowing method
Buzzy - Microgreens