Fruit crop

Fruit crop

<p>Growing strawberries from you own garden or balcony are juicier and sweeter. Light is very important for seed germination, don’t plant the seeds deep. Tip: Place straw around the strawberry plants. It prevents the Strawberries laying on the ground and protects them from insects and diseases.</p>
<p>The cucumber plant is a popular vegetable to grow. Many new cucumber varieties have self-pollinating feminine flowers, making cucumbers much easier to grow nowadays. These self-pollinating F1 varieties ensure a very high yield of cucumbers.</p> <p>Also very popular are the mini cucumbers or snack cucumbers. These small cucumbers of 10-15 cm are delicious as a healthy snack in between or just to use in salads.</p>
<p>There are numerous varieties of tomatoes available, well known are Cherry tomatoes, Plum tomatoes, Beefsteak tomatoes, Vine Ripened tomatoes. All varieties have different taste, shape and colour. Tip: Pinch out the leafy shoots that grow from leaf axils for better and stronger plants and tomatoes. Expose tomato plants at least 8 hours to sunlight.</p>
<p>Okra are pod-like fruits of 5-15 cm and even resemble green beans in taste. Okra is widely used in Mediterranean and Eastern cuisines, especially in combination with aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes.</p> <p>Harvest the Okra fruits at an early stage so they don't get tough.</p>

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