Vegetable seeds

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Vegetable seeds

<p>Leguminous plants are plants that belong to the legumes. The beans (like string beans and French beans) and peas (like green peas and marrowfat peas) are rich in protein, vitamin B and iron. Other used names are snap beans, runner beans and sugar peas. Tip: Pick the pods frequently so that new strong pods are produced.</p>
<p>Microgreens and Sprouts, Easy, Tasty, Healthy and fast to grow!</p> <ul><li><strong> Sprout: </strong>Simply grow the seeds with water and eat the complete sprout.</li> <li><strong> Microgreens: </strong> Grow the seeds in the soil (inside or outside) and harvest the stalk and leaf after about 1-2 weeks, these are called micro leaves. Or you can let the microgreens grow a little longer and after 3-4 weeks only harvest the leaves: baby leaves.</li> </ul><p>Use sprouts and microgreens in your salad or add that little bit extra to your sandwich.</p>

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