Asparagus - Argenteuil

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Argenteuil can be used for both green and white Asparagus cultivation.

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Argenteuil - Asparagus

  • Botanische naam: Asparagus officinalis
  • Zaaitijd / Planttijd: March until May
  • Bloeitijd / Oogsttijd: May until June
  • Category: Perennial
  • Goothoogte: Vroege van Argenteuil
  • Inhoud: 3,0 grams
  • Collectie: Horti Tops

1st year: sow in spring in seedbed at 20 x 10 cm and protect the plants with manure in winter.

2nd year: place the plants in a pit at 30 cm distance. Depth of pit 35 cm, width 40 cm. Cover with 10 cm mould and again with manure in winter.

3rd year: when the plants start growing in spring, earth the pit up with 35 cm mould. Approximately 2 months after first spears can be harvested.

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